10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Linux

LINUX operating is among the world’s most wide spread type of operating system though it does go for free. Linux will be attaining 26 years of existence this year August 25th. There are 10 secretes about this type of operating system which most of its users don’t know are mostly known by the programmers of the operating system. They include:

Linux foundation has 115 million lines used for cooperative projects

An example is let’s encrypt which offers free certificates for installing web servers which run the communication protocols termed safe. Linux foundation has contributed 0.6% of the programmed lines plus AMD, Intel and Red Hat total to 20% of code used.

Linux majors on customization

Linux is open-source and gives its users the chance to customize their experience hence making things feel at home. Take time and go through the desktop environment and if you don’t like and change on that. With Linux you can cater for your preferences and needs. While you can build your own custom distribution, there are already so many Linux distros available to cover everything from data recovery such as KNOPPIX, to embedded systems to virtual appliances.

The terminal is used rarely and also learned easily

Nowadays people do not really need to make use the terminal. Windows users find the feature so scary. The good thing about it is that it’s a rare experience. People used to use terminal find it challenging not to work with it.

Software installation is so easy

With Linux you do not need to go to the website then start looking for software. What you need to do is go to the respective distribution package manager then search for needed software. To install you just click on the result found.

Alternative of software exist

Although most windows users are afraid of using Linux to lack some software, Linux offers the users alternative software are available to substitute for the missing software. Even CAD application has alternative software.

Linux rarely needs drivers

Linux distributions most at times come loaded with drivers which can make everything work virtually. Such include SD card readers, graphics cards, wireless chipsets, microphones and webcams among others which are supported after booting the first time. Linux rarely hunts drivers down.

Allows risk-free test on live environment

Among the most useful aspects of Linux is ability to run in an environment which is live. This implies that it’s possible to prepare USB drive using distribution installer then boot like you use DVD for windows.

No need of command line

Most beginners of Linux ask about the need to learn many commands but it’s not a thing with Linux. With Linux the command line is not of any importance and you might never use it.

Desktop environment

Linux distribution are made of several components. The operating system features a display manager for aid in logging in. the OS also has windows manager that you use for managing windows, core applications, dash interfaces, menus and panel.

The solutions to any issue are easily available on Google

With Linux, in case you are facing any problem what you need to do is search for the solution in google and definitely you will get a documentation of the same issue.