Data Recovery from USB Pen Drives

The use of USB flash drives is nowadays very popular because of how easy they are to use. You can quickly write and transfer data using flash drives. Memory sticks come in different storage sizes at a good price. Their small size, low cost and the massive amount of data they can hold make them an attractive alternative to other storage devices. Flash drives are compatible with many devices including phones. The drives are, however, fragile and prone to malfunction and breakage due to their small size.

Flash disks store a lot of data

People use pen drives to transfer and store valuable data. Such data include important work documents, family photos, saved emails, and recipes. Projects or research that consumes time to compile are important too.

Sources of data loss in memory sticks

Accidents do occur, leading to loss or disappearance of data from USB drives. Accidental deletion is a very common way of losing data. Others include overwriting existing data, accidental formatting of USB flash drives and computer virus attacks. Electrostatic discharge and power surges can lead to data loss. Improper ejection of memory sticks from a computer can compromise data and even result in data loss. Corrupt software and physical damage to the flash drive can cause data loss.

Lost data can be recovered

Retrieving lost data from pen drives is possible. Lost data can easily be restored using data recovery tools. Data deleted from pen drives does not go until the area of the disk it occupied is overwritten by new data. The data can be recovered days or even months after deletion using recovery software. There are many recovery tools provided online. Some of the recovery tools are free while others are for purchase. These tools make use of an advanced scanning algorithm that is capable of recovering data that has been deleted or compromised by viruses.

Data recovery companies

Some companies specialize in restoring data lost data. These companies are capable of restoring data from flash drives that suffer physical damage. It is quite difficult to completely lose data from thumb drives unless with the use of a third party cleaning software. Data recovery companies can be found online. They offer a quote upon request.

Data can be hidden and not lost

Computer viruses can hide data on a flash drive such that the data is not visible to the user. In most cases, shortcuts containing the names of the files appear instead of the actual files. There are soft wares and antivirus software that can solve this. Unhide hidden files to access them.

Data can be recovered from physically damaged flash drives.

By a good chance, broken memory sticks can also be recovered. It may be harder to recover data from severely damaged pen drives. Sometimes it can be impossible. However, consulting a data recovery service can offer the best options on how to go about it. The best way to handle damaged flash disks is by sending it to data recovery experts.

Tips to prevent data loss from pen drives

Data backup is the best way to prevent data loss. Make a copy of data in the hard disk of a computer or other storage devices. Never just plug off USB devices, rather use the safe removal procedure to save data from compromise. Avoid exposing memory sticks to magnetic fields as the field can cause damage data on the flash drive.